Self-Study Courses

Take control of your self-love journey right now from the comfort of your own home - PJ's highly encouraged 😉

The Feel Good Morning


A drag and drop self-care routine planner with hundreds of journal prompts and self-care ideas to plan out the perfect day. This include the bonus of my workbook, Self-Love Made Easy so you can learn how to fit your routine into your already busy schedule with ease. AKA the lazy gals guide to self-care.


Step Into Your PowHER

$297 - payment plans available

6 Pre-recorded virtual coaching sessions

A journaling style, self-paced course where I will walk side-by-side with you in your journey to discovering the powerful soul you were meant to be.

This course is for you if you are looking to LEAVE THE SELF-DOUBT BEHIND and become your most powerful, higher self.


Walk & Talk with Confidence

$497 - payment plans available

Mini- Course

An online, 5 module self-paced course giving you all my juicy secrets on embodying the uniquely fierce and confident person you were made to be.

This course is for you if you are looking to EMBRACE YOUR INNER CONFIDENCE and become your most joy-filled, higher self.

Sexy, Sassy & Self-Confident - Self-Study

$697 - payment plans available

My Spotlight Course

SS&S helps self-doubting women achieve unshakeable self-confidence and go from feeling anxious and lonely to self-assured and respected without the overwhelm of not knowing where to begin or if they are even worthy of it.

Want A More Personal Coaching Experience?

Accelerate your self-love journey with expert coaching to get you to your breakthrough quicker.

Sexy, Sassy & Self-Confident + LIVE Group Coaching with Coach Ashley

$997 Enrollment Begins May 2021

Spotlight Course + LIVE Group Coaching

All of the goodness of Sexy, Sassy & Self-Confident with the added boost of weekly group coaching sessions/ Q&A's. This program is run twice per year.